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Candidate Questionnaire

The results of the local elections this spring will affect you, your children, and your community in countless ways. Are you ready to vote?


The EPC sent a questionnaire to each candidate running for the D205 school board and for the Elmhurst city council. We kept it short and simple, only including questions that directly impact the LGBTQ+ community and that might not have been asked in another setting.


The results are now available below. You will notice that not all candidates chose to respond. In cases where the candidate did not provide answers, we listed their name and urge you to do your own research when you can.


Also, please read up on each candidate as much as possible. Our questionnaire is intended to supplement other opportunities to educate yourself on the candidates you'll see on the ballot. Whether you choose to attend one of the several public forums to hear and/or meet the candidates in person, research their positions on their campaign websites, or read the questionnaires published in local newspapers and on other organization's websites, it's vital for you to know who you are voting for and how that will impact you and your loved ones.


Decide what matters to you and choose the candidates that align with your priorities.

Early voting begins March 20. Election Day is April 4.

Elmhurst D205 School Board
Tom Chavez
Beth Hosler (incumbent)
Lan Li
Linda Nudera
Jammie Esker Schaer
Ben Zulauf

Elmhurst City Council

Noel Talluto, Ward 4 (incumbent)
James Nudera, Ward 5 (incumbent)
Guido Nardini, Ward 6
Laura Vevers, Ward 6
Mark Mulliner, Ward 7 (incumbent)

The Elmhurst Pride Collective does not endorse or support any candidates.
This information is intended only to educate voters on issues relevant to the LGBTQ+ community. All responses were published unedited and in full as submitted.  
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